Embedded Testing

Pristine is a premier services provider in the design and development of Embedded Systems Software. We provide design and development services for Firmware, Device Drivers, Communication Protocols, and Embedded Software.

Automotive Services

The automotive industry is faced with finding the optimal balance between time and production costs as well as assurance of the required quality, reliability and safety.

Embedded automotive systems have to meet safety-critical requirements and that's why they have to be tested in real conditions, for a long period of time.

Third party Independant Verification and Validation (IV & V) brings in a level of autonomy in test process, thus boosting product quality.

Consumer Electronics

Complexity of the embedded software in the consumer electronics is steadily on the rise. At the same time consumers expect products that have better quality, more flexibility, and new features at a lower price.

Hence it is extremely critical to have right resources, tools and methodologies that can quickly adapt to the latest innovations and features and deliver reliable quality assurance within shorter span of time.

Wireless Technologies

Wireless data services are witnessing an explosive growth in demand today. The need for anytime, anywhere wireless access is driving new revenue.

Markets are demanding new features, better speeds within extremely challanging timelines. The industry has to respond to the market at the speed of the demand keeping compatibility with the legacy technologies