Modelling & Detailing

CAD based designing and modeling is widely used in almost every industry. 2D or 3D CAD solutions have become strategic tools of product development because of the features they provide.

But designing and modeling complex product prototypes can be a daunting task if the company does not have the prerequisites to succeed in this field.

Pristine Engineering and Business Solutions is a well known name in the Mechanical Engineering design and development domain. The company is known to explore the synergy of diverse technologies and tools to cater to the evolving needs of the customers in this domain.

Pristine has a team of exceptionally skilled professionals who can take on complex projects and deliver the goods.

Pristine’s expertise in the field of CAD designing and modeling helps customers to focus on core areas of their business. The proven CAD solutions from Bosch increase profitability and fasten the product development lifecycle.

We at Pristine produce reliable, re-editable and requirement suited 3D CAD models within the time line. We follow the thumb rule for creating 3D models, and an addition to this we have our own defined modeling rules and best practices to ensure the out-put quality.

Our Sample Projects

Reticle handling part-back Model

Reticle handling part-Detail

Reticle handling part-Front Model

DynaNail System-Assembly-Model

DynaNail System-Explode View

Aircuratin sheet metal part and darwing

Aircurtain Assembly with Configuration

Aircurtain Assembly with-Explode view

Enclouser_sheet metal part-Drawing

Enclouser_sheet metal part-Model

Engine Block-Model

Gas Turbine

Gas Turbine-section viewL

Globe Valve

Globe Valve-Drawing