Electromechanical & Consumer Goods

Electromechanical & Consumer Goods CAD / CAE and Engineering Services

No other engineering application has a more direct and mass scale impact as consumer goods. Be it a new generation tablet, a multimedia device, a CT scan or a simple handheld device.

These systems bring the best of cutting edge electronics and at the same time are highly dependent for their success on user experience, simplicity of usage, robustness of design and ability to make them as compact as possible, which is a purely mechanical domain.

The culmination of two engineering domains bring unique challenges and completely new set of thinking. Pristine has tuned it’s capabilities to handle this challenging and growing market segment by address all stages of electro-mechanical product design from industrial design to electronic system cooling, from packaging to advanced thermal simulation. We bring the best of the skills to your advantage not just from our internal pool, but also from our global alliances.

Electromechanical & Consumer Goods CAD Capabilities

Industrial design and styling

Development of plastic and sheet metal parts from Class A definition

Repackaging studies to reduce overall size

Moldflow and sheet metal forming simulation

Mechanism design and motion studies

Conversion of legacy paper/2D data to parametric 3D models

Interactive 3D technical documentation for internal and customer use for installation, commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting for the equipments

Creating of customer specific part libraries for data reuse and standardization

Electromechanical & Consumer Goods CAE Capabilities

Analysis of various mechanism, multi-body dynamics simulation

Electronics cooling system analysis

All Finite element analysis studies including Static, Dynamic, Non-Linear, Buckling, Transient, Modal, Vibration, Kinematics etc

CFD, Vibration, thermal simulation

Mold flow simulation

Sheet metal forming simulation