Embedded Software Development

Pristine is a premier services provider in the design and development of Embedded Systems Software. We provide design and development services for Firmware, Device Drivers, Communication Protocols, and Embedded Software.

Automotive Services

It is clear that in today's world, automotive infotainment firms need competency in multiple domains such as multimedia, connectivity, web technologies, operating systems, user interface design, and platform management.

The key is in identifying those areas that are the core competence of the organization and outsource the rest to those that have specialized knowledge.

Consumer Electronics

The competitive nature of the consumer electronic industry further spurred by the convergence of communications and entertainment has raised new demands of traditional consumer electronic vendors.

Consumers demand the integration of devices such as televisions, computers and smartphones, making them at times, indistinguishable. What this means is, vendors need to provide fully-integrated services including the ability to receive, broadcast, connect to the web and other wireless networks.

Wireless Technologies

Wireless data services are witnessing an explosive growth in demand today. The need for anytime, anywhere wireless access is driving new revenue.

Markets are demanding new features, better speeds within extremely challanging timelines. The industry has to respond to the market at the speed of the demand keeping compatibility with the legacy technologies.