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Flexible Resourcing

Delivering the people you need to do business

We provide IT specialists when you need them – helping your flex resources to meet ever-changing business needs.

A Specialist Partner

As a technology company, we understand your business requirements and build bespoke contract solutions around shared challenges.

As leading businesses across USA move to a flexible resource model, we help mitigate risk and share responsibility, enabling customers to manipulate headcount, cut costs and increase agility.

Flexible Resourcing

Today’s organisations have multiple and changing resource needs for the smooth running of their Business as usual and Business Technology Transformation Projects.

This undoubtedly requires moving towards a flexible resourcing solution, combining a core group of permanent employees with a contingent workforce of Pristine associates.

Pristine enables control of overall headcount, scalable to customer needs, while keeping overhead costs to a minimum.

Our customers benefit from increased agility and cost-savings of up to 30% in permanent employee-related expense, such as Healthcare, Pension, Insurance, etc.

Key Benefits

Specific Skills. Where additional skills are required but there is insufficient time to train permanent staff, Contract Resource can be engaged to fill the skills gap.

No Training. Most contractors are engaged for their specific skills and should not normally require the time and cost of training. Speed of Employment – A contractor can be searched for, interviewed and engaged to start immediately.

Guaranteed Quality & Reliability. All resource, employed directly or freelance, is Pristine approved.

Independence. The contractor comes to the task without the legacy of being involved in previous decisions, and can approach the task with a fresh independent view.

Reduced Employer Responsibility. The client has little employment responsibilities towards the contractor and their consequential legal employment obligations and social welfare.

Knowledge Handover. It is advantageous to engage specially skilled contractors to implement new technologies before handing over to permanent staff to carry on with the maintenance and enhancement.

Temp to Perm. Some clients try to engage staff on a ‘try and buy’ basis.

Lack of Career. Roles with no onward career paths, such as legacy system maintenance, suit contractors.

Ultimately Cheaper. The cost of hiring, redundancy, management, training, sickness, holiday, National Insurance etc. is often cheaper than the cost of a permanent employee.

Why Pristine?

Industry Knowhow. We understand your business & technology requirements and build bespoke contract solutions around shared challenges. Because we are a Technology business we have the capability to technically qualify all candidates.

In-house Recruitment. We have access to our own permanent technical staff, our own genuine bench, an extensive network of likeminded industry professionals and trained search and selection consultants.

Agility, Flexibility. We will provide the best people to meet your specific requirements, for as long as you need them, through entire projects or individual mandates, all to agreed Service Level Agreements.

Financial Benefits. When all the costs of Employers responsibility have been taken into account it is often the case that the contractor is actually cheaper than the cost of a permanent staff member.

Managed Service. We can payroll and manage all administration associated with a contingent workforce and provide consolidated invoicing. Where others outsource we offer recruitment as a service.