Packaging Design

The demands and challenges that our consumer product, healthcare, food and beverage clients face require an experienced team of packaging design engineers specialists.

Our packaging design engineering services focus on two primary areas:

Packaging systems, from bulk raw material handling and container creation through filling, labelling, and conveyance to packing, storing, and transport systems.

Process systems that ensure the quality of the product from receiving to packing. We use a wide array of treatment technologies to help our clients produce quality products.

Our Sample Projects

Carton Box Printing Machine

Design and Development of carton Box Printing machine with price competitive, servo driven opening and closing rotary die cutter, capable of producing high quality graphics which will compete in the high end market of Carton Box Printing.

Product Future

Designed for quick setup

Direct Drive Servo technology

Less power consumption than conventional servo products.

Modern controls platform and diagnostics with remote diagnostics

Minimal ink loss at color change

Direct Drive Feeder with Variable Feed

Variable Speed Anvil

Belt Transfer

Single or Chambered Blade System

Vertical Form Filling & Sealing Machine

Design and Development of Vertical Form Fill and Sealing machine used for the packing of FMCG products including product feed and take away conveyors and product feeding equipments viz. Cup dozers, Auger, Linear feeders and Multi-head Weighers.

Easy to install and simple to operate, these machines are known for their high efficiency, low energy consumption and unmatched performance. Reliable in operation and maintenance free.

Product Future

Machine with Jaw draw off technology

Output: 80 Bags per minute

Maximum Bag width: 165 mm

Bag styles: Pillow and Gusseted

Maximum fill volume: 1 liter

Simple intermittent jaw draw-off technology machine with compact, versatile and robust design suitable for abrasive and corrosive products

Separate cabinets for pneumatics and control panel.

Functional safety and precision in heavy-duty operation

Unit Dose Packager

This is an automated tablet packing machine specially designed for packing set number of tablets in a pouch with details about patients and physician in a 2D barcode format.

An onboard computer controls all automated functions including tablet filling/dropping, sealing, barcode printing, barcode verification.

Product Future

Packages in four sizes (2.0" x 1.25"/ 1.43"/ 1.67"/ 2.0")

Automatic package size adjustment

Packages up to 48 per minute

Inline bar code verifier

Pill Drop Detection Sensor

Optional monitor/keyboard arm

Prints linear and 2D bar codes